What We Do...

Welding Services 

We specialise in any welding needs and can be accommodated by our extensive range of machinery from our premises, or we can visit any location if you have a need for onsite welding.  We cover MIG, TIG, Aluminium, Brass and Copper! 

EW Engineering Bespoke Design
Completely Unique & Bespoke Designs

Have an idea in your head or a simple drawing or sketch you’d like to share with us?  Just drop us a message!  No idea is too big, small or unique for us! We’ve seen it all and are continuing to produce wonderfully unique and contemporary designs for our customers. Just take a look at our Commissions page to see some of the works we’ve completed.

EW Engineering Marine
Marine Galley & Catering Equipment

Having spent many years working in the Marine Industry before now, our experience includes the build of galley ranges, hot plates, catering equipment and water boilers! As well as supplying spare parts for specific areas across the ships and cruise liners.  
We welcome any of your questions about any Marine product, just get in touch!

EW Engineering Commercial Fabrication
Commercial  Fabrication

At EW Engineering any commerical fabrication is welcome from "one off" jobs to volume batches every month. No job is too small for us. We are able to all the drawing for your job in house. Getting your project right is our priority. Contact us for all your commercial needs. 

EW Engineering Drawing And Design
Drawing and Design

Having got the best drawing software Auto Desk Inventor. this allows us to be able to bring your idea to life. Getting the drawing right is important to all our work, we do it all in house. Designing your ideas is also a great visual way to see your project. Got an idea of something you want but not sure how to design it? Well we can help with that. Give us a call, we are more than happy to help. 

Custom Stairs, Gates & Railings

Including Security and residential driveway gates!

We know how important it is for you to have a visual aspect of what you want, so all designs are drawn up on fantastic the  Autodesk Software in the initial stages of your order, any changes and amendments can be made until you are entirely happy with the design and only then we will begin your production. 

Check out our Commissions for some of the Stairs, gates and railings work we’ve completed.


Have that old table in the garage you’ve been meaning to dust off and have fixed? Have that gorgeous piece of antique furniture that needs professionally polishing? Whatever you need restoring we can revitalise, polish and clean up all types of metal from the most common to the most unique of materials. Offering a quality service from start to finish.

Need us to come to you to restore? No problem! Get in touch and we can arrange a visit to your location!

EW Engineering Forge Work
Forge Work

(Ahh the wonderful world of metal bashing by hand!) 
Forge work also known as blacksmithing in it’s simplest form, is a valued part of our fabricating service.  It IS hard work of course, but we don’t mind about that! We take on every project with pride to ensure a smooth process and superb quality finish. We’ve worked on a range of forge projects from tables to bird feeders as well as restoring out of shape metals from wear and tear over time.

EW Engineering Vehicle Repair
Vehicle Repair

Need a repair on your car, van, trailer or horse box? Even your motorbike? Don’t worry, with our vast welding experience we have you covered! Just give us a call or drop us a message to let us know what you need!

EW Engineering Alloy Wheel Repair
Alloy Wheel Repair

Have an alloy wheel in need of repair? We can have a look at the wheel for you and weld it. Just bring the wheel to us and let us sort the rest. We have experience and expertise to be able to weld anything. Contact us today for a free quote. 

EW Engineering Furniture
Furniture - Old & New!

Whether you have existing furniture that you want to freshen up, replace some elements on or you want something completely to your own dimensions, then we’re here to guide you through all your choices and material offerings. 
We specialise in bespoke designs and have worked on a range of projects including tables, shelving units and fire pits! We welcome all ideas, no matter how weird and wonderful you think it is! We get just as excited about your projects too! Get in touch!

Our own unique, deluxe furniture range is well and truly underway and we can’t wait to share our full range of offerings with you! We just need a bit more time to complete the finer details (we’re perfectionists you see!) and then we’ll launch our bespoke designs! Exciting times! 

Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with our exciting bespoke furniture range!

Stainless Steel.png

Stainless Steel

In need of some new Stainless Steel work tops or need a repair? We can help. From bespoke designs to moving counters and repairing them. We are specialists in the catering and marine industry. Call us today about your stainless steel requirements. 


Structural Steel 

At EW Engineering we can accommodate any type of outbuildings and structural steel. From bolt together outbuildings to welded steels. We can help with any drawing needs to get your building come to life.